Each species has a dedicated page on which you can find all sorts of information, in particular:
- a short presentation text to find out more about this species;
- this species' characteristics on HamsterStory;
- the standard capacity that rodents of this species have;
- coats available for this species;
- the best breeders of this species;
- the best breedings for this species;
- statistics about rodents of this species;
- some rodents of this species: the best rodents in terms of capacity, level, those that have received a progress star, those that are for sale...

A species' page also contains different community elements, in particular:
- players who like this species;
- groups that are talking about this species;
- photos;
- discussions about this species on the forums.
The comparison between the capacity of the best rodents of a certain species and the species' standard capacity allows you to measure its progress: the wider the gap, the more advanced this species is in the game.

Some very wide progress gaps can exist between species, especially depending on the number of breeders who have rodents and breedings of this species.
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Peruvian Guinea Pig

Peruvian Guinea Pig ##STADE## - coat 65
The Peruvian Guinea pig is a type of Guinea pig that's popular in the show ring due to their unique and beautiful coat! Their long-flowing hair makes this guinea pig difficult to look after since they need regular brushing and grooming.

This exotic pet is known to chew its coat if not properly taken care of. Peruvian Guinea pigs are docile and calm pets, with a lot of affection for their master!


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Peruvian Guinea Pig ##STADE## - coat 1340000007

 Grade: (5 votes)
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 1 rodents have this coat.
Peruvian Guinea Pig ##STADE## - coat 1340000002

 Grade: (15 votes)
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 3 rodents have this coat.
Peruvian Guinea Pig ##STADE## - coat 117

 Stage: Adult
 Grade: (2 votes)
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 0 rodents have this coat.