Free rodent game: Raving Rabbids

This free rabbit game lets you play as one of the Raving Rabbid cartoon rabbits!!
This rabbit is actually raving mad and decides that he needs to collect as many objects as he can!
He is moving around different neighborhoods in this rabbit town and wants to grab all the objects in the town by chasing all the inhabitants away with his creepy face! Watch out for blocks with toilets in them – you shouldn't go into these blocks but don't worry, they'll turn into objects in 5 turns.
The more objects you collect, the more points you'll get and the points let you unblock new techniques for your mischievous little rabbit!
When you've collected all the objects you can or your rabbit is blocked, you must use the new skills you've learned at the bottom of the screen in this free rabbit game!
How many objects can you grab with your raving rabbid rabbit?

The Raving Rabbids rodent game has already been played 757 times since it was added to the Rodents games section.
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