Free rodent game: Rabbit Bugs Bunny

This rabbit game is really fun!

You find yourself face to face with a magician who is an expert at playing sleight of hand games!
This tricky rabbit magician is hiding a gold coin under one of these three little rabbits !

Your goal in this rabbit game is to find this gold coin, even after this magician juggles around all three rabbits!

When you're ready, click and watch carefully how the magician moves the rabbits.
When he stops, click on the rabbit that you think is sitting on the gold coin!
Warning: if you make a mistake, then your game will be over and you won't be able to buy one of the cute little bunnies!

Can you save these rabbits from this evil magician?

The Rabbit Bugs Bunny rodent game has already been played 1,123 times since it was added to the Rodents games section.
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