Do you worry that you're not able to properly take care of one of your rodents, perhaps for a lack of time or coinz'?

You can abandon a rodent and let another breeder on HamsterStory take in your rodent and give it a second chance! Your rodent will no doubt find a new breeder quickly.

However, to abandon a rodent, it must not be a rodent that you yourself have taken in within the last 5 days.

Market & sanctuary forum
To take in an abandoned rodent, 100 coinz' must be paid to the association responsible for abandoned rodents.

In addition to this amount, you must have at least 500 coinz' in your account. This assures that you can properly take care of your new rodent.
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Abandoned rodents

If a breeder doesn't feel capable of properly caring for a rodent, the rodent breeder can leave it here.

On the same note, when breeders leave HamsterStory, their rodents land here.

This area allows you then to take care of these abandoned rodents, and even to pick some that you like and give them a second chance on HamsterStory!

In order to avoid trafficking, when you take in an abandoned rodent, you must wait at least 7 days before you can sell it.
Abandoned rodents

Take in an abandoned rodent

 HamsterStory Club
By becoming a HamsterStory Club member, you gain access to many extra options for the abandoned rodents: you can take in a new rodent every day, look after the abandoned rodents, get extra, valuable information on the characteristics of the rodents that have been left here, etc

List of the abandoned rodents

HamsterStory Club members get extra information about each abandoned rodent and can take care of them.

Join the HamsterStory Club

List of rodents that have been reported

These rodents are in a alarming state and have been reported by a rodent breeder of HamsterStory. If their owner doesn't take care of them quickly, they will lose their rodents: another rodent breeder will then have the opportunity to take them in and give them a second chance!

There is only 0 months left before some of these rodents can join a new rodent breeder!


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